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Looking Back On The Pop-Up Show, And A Huge Thanks To Those Involved

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Oooooeeee! Words cannot express how much fun we had at this year's City Farmhouse Pop-up Show. A big ole' round of applause and lots and lots of pats on the back to everyone that helped make it possible—it really does take a village, y'all! I am continually blown away by the amount of creativity and talent that exists in our little antique community. So, thank you for continuing to inspire me.

Most of the weekend is a blur of excitement, but I made a list of some of my favorite memories and highlights from the show. Comment on the post below and let me know your thoughts. What did you love the most? Did you find some gems that you're excited to decorate with? I know I sure did. Now I'm getting distracted, so back to my list...

  • The Burlap Carpet Event—Ted Clayton wooed the early guests with his witty comments. 
  • Rocky Top Singing Contest—several ladies were granted early-access passes to the show if they endured a little embarrassment. 
  • We had more than 150 vendors at the show—their booths were incredible. 
  • Folk & Folly exhibit—Buddy Killen's dilapidated mansion was transformed into a Southern gothic wonderland. 
  • Meet-and-greet with Country Living editor—what a treat!
  • Live entertainment—some of our favorite musicians serenaded the shopping crowd throughout the weekend. 
  • Food trucks—they were there for us when we needed a pick-me-up (a.k.a. ice cream and espresso, duh.)
  • Creative Stone transformed the gardens behind the house into a secret garden and built a firepit, and Franklin Stone donated the rock for the driveway—seriously dreamy additions. 
  • Luncheon—a special thanks to Nina Hartmann and Matthew Mead for joining us. 
My VERY favorite part of the show was seeing people get excited about a certain antique piece they found at our show. We can't wait for next year, friends! And look on for some amazing pictures from the show (many taken by some of my favorite bloggers!)...
Welcome to the Pop-up Show! Time to Facebook and Instagram in front of the Wall of Fame...

Mimosas to kick off the Burlap Carpet Event, from Discovering Franklin

Our Rocky Top Singing Contest winners!
Rows and rows of vendors, from Sassytrash

There's nothing quite like the smell of lavender, from Savvy City Farmer

Bed of roses in Folk & Folly, from I Am Friday

The perfect fall-themed table centerpiece, from French Hen Farm

The entrance to the secret garden, from Sassytrash

Just look at that fire pit! Created by Creative Stone

What a beautiful day for a Pop-up Show!

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  1. Honored to be included in your round-up, Kim.

  2. Oh my goodness this looks like an awesome event! I am so glad to discovered your site. I am in Franklin at least once or twice a month. because we have several salon, spas and boutiques that sell our products there. I am excited to come by this week and check out your store! Can't believe that I haven't known about you before now!