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The Country Living Fair is underway in Lebanon, Tennessee, and as you can see.... everyone is here!! Even Country Living Magazine editor-in-chief Rachel Hardage Barrett and our friend, Mike Wolfe.

This is a great, big beautiful show where the pages of the CL magazine come to life -- you'll see lots of antiques, vintage, up-cycled crafts, art, handcrafted jewelry and more! With more than 200 vendors, it's a must-go event, especially if you're within driving distance.

The show continues through this weekend, opening Saturday at 8:30 a.m. and Sunday at 10 a.m. 
Check out some of my snapshots and picks so far (be sure to follow me on Instagram for more!):

My favorite pick so far!! This early lace cupboard is from a mercantile store. It's super rare -- and still has some old lace inside!

This Eskimo refrigerator is such a great size. Perfect for a side table too!

Lots of up-cycling ideas here!

These fairs are great inspiration sources, too. 

Yep, that's a duck barn.

These two took their newly picked duck barn to Bardstown, Kentucky!

Told ya everyone was here.....

For more fair info, go here. If you weren't planning on it before, I bet y'all wanna come now! If you do, look us up -- we're in Building A, Booth 20. Now, get to gettin' and happy pickin'!


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After weeks of waiting for the snow to melt along the winding gravel path to the little cabin tucked away in the woods, we were finally able to get it decorated for Shelter + RoostAnd we couldn't be happier with the results. 

Shelter + Roost, decorate by City Farmhouse in Franklin, TN
Shelter + Roost
While I love everything we did in each room, my favorite is the sleeping loft with the wall constructed of 1700 books!! It turned out just as I had imagined. With the French chandeliers and period French sofa (recovered decades ago in suede), it has the feel of discovering an attic in the countryside of France. It took about 15 hours to wedge each book in place. The entire wall is held together by wedging the books tightly beside each other, turning some with bindings out while others were just too special to tuck the brown, aged pages in - so many are turned with pages facing outward. I think this is my favorite design feature ever!

Shelter + Roost, designed by Kim Leggett of City Farmhouse in Franklin,TN
How amazing is this? A literature lover's dream!  
Shelter + Roost, designed by Kim Leggett of City Farmhouse in Franklin,TN
A major pick for the cabin: this period French sofa, recovered decades ago in suede
I have to say, I really love the master bedroom too. I wanted to combine a little industrial with a little elegance (hence the chandelier with an elegant form but made from chain), and a little cool trendiness too. At first, I was worried to go with the checked fabric on the bottom of the curtains, but I went with my gut, instead of my fears, and I'm thrilled with the results! Annie McCreary of My Swallow's Nest made them for me. She's my "go to girl" for all things curtains and slipcovers - such a talented seamstress!!!
Shelter + Roost, designed by Kim Leggett of City Farmhouse in Franklin,TN
Instagram photo by Annie McCreary of My Swallow's Nest

Shelter + Roost, designed by Kim Leggett of City Farmhouse in Franklin,TN
Instagram photo by Annie McCreary of My Swallow's Nest
I've included a couple of shots of the living room and kitchen area. Keep in mind none of these are professional images--just something I shot at midnight as we finished--I was too excited not to. I'll be sure to post the professional pics as soon as they are available. 

Shelter + Roost features five distinctive vacation rental properties in Franklin and Leiper's Fork, each offering something a little different (remember the Storybook Cottage we decorated last year?!).

For more information about renting this place, go to www.shelterandroost.com.

'Til next time.... happy picking! xx

It's been more than a week now since we hit the fields in Round Top/Warrenton, Texas for some serious pickin. Just in case you've been living in a cave and haven't heard of this mile after mile stretch of junk (I say that lightly - there's some fabulous quality stuff on that dirt) - then here's the scoop. 

Twice a year in the spring and fall, land owners in these tiny towns (populations of less than 100), tuck all their cows away (where I've never known) and turn their pastures into vintage and antique shows. In all there's over 60 shows in swing during the 3 week event!!!

There's much more stuff than money to buy it for sure, so you have to pick wisely. And, so you can do just that, here's a few spots to hit to find some of the most unusual vintage/antiques all around. Remember, as to be expected, "unusual" comes with a slightly higher price tag but these spots seem to be on the affordable side.

1. Bar W Field - One of the larger fields in Warrenton, but one that doesn't vet vendors. So here, you'll find a little of everything from the great unusual pieces from several vendors like, The Seed Box and her neighbor Brenda Kilgore of Kansas City, to new market items, to just plain junk. But, I like the weird mix, even though it's much like an Easter egg hunt. You never know when you might find a treasure in the junk pile.

Bar W Field, City Farmhouse, TN

 2. Zapp Hall - Located right in the middle of Warrenton, this field is where the Junk Gypsy girls got there start! Here you'll find great primitive pieces, alongside sparkly crystal chandeliers, an ocean of goodies (seriously, a vendor sells shells of all varieties), and Nashville's own, Peach Jewelry has a complete jewelry store right in the middle of a cow patty, (that part's not true, but Vincent Peach really sells there).

3. Renck Hall & Field - Warrenton. It's where we scored this amazing early baker's cupboard. Need I say more!!! Well, actually, yes, I should. It's also where you'll find one of everyone's favorite ladies, Theresa Cano of Garden Antiques Vintage.

4. Behind the Hillcrest Inn - I don't think I've ever known the official name of this show that falls literally right in the middle of Warrenton. Much like Bar W, only smaller, this field is very eclectic. If you love digging through piles of rusty junk, this one's for you. Local Eagleville, Tennessee vendor Donna Hood is here too.

5. Travel just a few shows down to the incredibly creative display of Jill Suzanne. A few years back Jill moved an old farmhouse to the property on the hill. Instead of restoring it, she relished in it's beautiful dilapidated state, filling it with chippy, rusty goodness for your home. It's worth going, I promise.

6. Wrap it all up at Marburger Farms between Warrenton and the tiny Round Top Square. Here you'll find the creme of the crop amongst 300 vendors! And, yes, you really can buy well there (we do). Judy Hill, of J. Hill Designs, Cottonseed Trading Company, Georgia Morrel, French Vanilla, Craig Smith, Prize KC, are some names you'll recognize. We can't wait to go on Tuesday (opening day). 

I'm been invited to something really special on Monday.... can't wait to tell you about it.

Are you here? What are some of your fave spots? And, did you find anything at our honey holes?  

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Do you ever hit those valleys where you feel drained of genius (David calls that madness)? I think if you’re a creative person, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you experience it now and again.

Lately I’ve been counting my lucky stars for a couple spark plugs that are always at my fingertips--I’m talkin’ about Instagram and Pinterest.

So, I thought it might be inspirational for you if I shared a little love for a handful of Instagram accounts that kick my imagination right back into gear. The site is full of amazing feeds  - but here’s a look at what I get excited to double tap:

1. Elizabeth's Humble House [@elizabeths_humble_house]
This gal sees life in a unique way. Her photos are almost like studies.

2. Liperom [@liperom]
I love EVERYTHING about this feed. You will too! I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise by telling you all about it - but here's a sneak peek of what you'll find. 

3. Pencil and Paper Co. [@pencilandpaperco]
These guys are a local Nashville husband and wife design team. Super cool and colorful style that satisfies my alter farmhouse style!

4. Faded Charm  [@fadedcharmliving]
The ultimate in vintage farmhouse style! You wanna go here for inspiration overload. Follow as she constantly decorates and restyles her home.

And of course, we hope you’ll follow along with us on Instagram too! We're planting a lot of seeds for spring, summer, fall... and even next winter’s harvest. Lots to show and share with you--wouldn't want you to miss out: http://www.instagram.com/cityfarmhouse (@cityfarmhouse).

Happy pickin'! xx

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We're Doubling the Fun this Summer and Fall ...

Because y'all love our City Farmhouse Pop-up Shows so much ..... we decided to double the fun this year!!! Can you believe it!? We're crazy excited!!! Mark your calendars for the weekends of June 19-20 AND October 16-17. We're heading back out to the beautiful Buddy Killen Estate in the charming Leiper's Fork area of Franklin, Tennessee. We're working on some really cool events, great music, and of course a fabulous line-up of the best vendors in the business.

And, speaking of vendors, if you're interested in obtaining a booth space, jump on it--we are more than halfway sold-out of vendor spaces for both shows! For those of you who haven't yet requested your contract - please click on this link for info on what you need to do: http://www.cityfarmhousefranklin.com/contract.pdf

Special Events ... We asked some of our devoted shoppers what they loved most about the Pop-up Shows. Over and over again we heard how much they enjoyed the amazing vendors and all the unique things that they brought to the shows. So this year, we thought it would be fun to create an event that will focus on design and how to use the unique pieces that you see at the show in your own home. I'm  thinking a large tent filled with loads of design inspiration, along with guest speakers who would share their ideas with you. What do y'all think about that? Or, if you have any ideas that you would like to see at the show, please let us know. We'll post all the details on the website very soon.

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As always, thanks for dropping by and being a part of our crazy, fun life!