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Holiday Decorating Tips + Tricks

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Decorating for the holidays shouldn’t be stressful—it should to be fun! In fact, you probably have everything you need to create a unique display strewn around your home and garden.  Creating interesting decorations from found and collected objects makes for great conversation starters and shows off your talents—here’s 6 tips to get started:

1. Make use of the beauty in nature's bounty. This time of year yields the perfect opportunity to collect dried naturals from the garden, fencerows and yard. Gather branches (those dripping in lichen are particularly appealing), dried blooms and vines. To add a touch of green, clip a few laurel branches. This popular bush stays green all year and clippings last for weeks in water, as opposed to fir.

City Farmhouse - Holiday Decorating Home Tips - Franklin, TN - Nature's Bounty

2. Gather a collection of vintage, colorful Christmas ornaments in a rusty basket or container. Their shiny mercury glass surfaces stand out against the contrast of the rust.

City Farmhouse - Holiday Decorating for the Home

3. Draw together a collection using unexpected objects, like this gathering of sliced tree branches paired with miniature trees (a great find at yard and estate sales earlier in the year), and sparkly vintage garland.

City Farmhouse - Holiday Decorating for the Home

4. Shop for inexpensive decorations. Garland can be costly but finding a resourceful shopkeeper with a creative eye can be magic—I love these unique cotton boll garlands at the Tin Cottage in downtown Franklin for only $36.00.

City Farmhouse - Holiday Decorating for the Home

Pinecones are another holiday design staple that can be gathered from the yard... but if you want to step it up a bit, these giant cones from Michigan make for a beautiful display in a bowl. Just $10.00 at the Tin Cottage!

City Farmhouse - Holiday Decorating for the Home

5. Use everyday objects around the home in your holiday design. An antique dough bowl filled with deer antlers is a quick and simple way to display with interesting impact. Using garden containers for your trees—think buckets and cast iron or cement urns—creates the feel of bringing the classic green foliage back into their natural environment.

City Farmhouse - Holiday Decorating for the Home

6. The holidays just wouldn't be magical without the twinkle of miniature lights. Traditional long sparkly strands are great but look for something outside the box like these LED-lit twig chandeliers. Just $85.00 at City Farmhouse.

City Farmhouse - Holiday Decorating for the Home


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