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Westhaven Holiday Home Tour

By 11:54 AM

Wanna hear a great story that I'm sooooo excited about? About a month ago I was approached about being a designer for the Westhaven Holiday Home Tour (a very popular neighborhood in Franklin). Turns out, it benefits the Hillsboro Band--which my grandson just happens to be a part of. (He plays the trombone!) Therefore this project has been fun AND meaningful to me. I'm including some before photos here in this post so you can see some of the elements we are working with to compare with the after shots (yes, we'll take photos).

I just love the holidays and I’m starting to get in the spirit with this festive project. A total of six local designers were asked to assist the Westhaven homeowners in designing and decorating their homes for the holidays (can you believe I get to do this as my job?!). I am designing Robin and Patrick Evan’s home. Our inspiration? The great outdoors. So I’m decorating with many things that you can find in your backyard and using nature’s beautiful winter bounty such as—branches, greens, pine cones, dried flowers, nuts, leaves, pods, berries and other naturals to create a holiday inspired design that really anyone can do themselves no matter what their budget.

When guests see what we’ve done, they will be inspired to go try it themselves. It’s simple yet elegant and as always "City Farmhouse signature style"  - very unexpected. It won't be your traditional rope and bow that you see tied to the staircase, but there will be some traditional elements incorporated into the design too. And because we’re using natural elements, we’re also contrasting the art of the garden by using antique cast iron urns coupled with the more delicate pieces of ornaments and mercury glass to add a little holiday sparkle. I love a good juxtaposition yall!  There's even a backyard courtyard with a fireplace too! I can't give away all the details - I don't want to ruin that element of surprise. If you're local, or visiting in town, on December 6th and 7th (1-5 daily), be sure to come out, tour all the homes that are a part of this fabulous neighborhood, while helping to support a great group of kids! 

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