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Preppin' for the Pop-up Show

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The tents are going up, our cozy fire pit is finished and everything is really beginning to come together for the show! Catch a glimpse of what we're up to at the "lost in time" mansion this week + the process that goes into creating an AWESOME pop-up show in this video:

If you thought that was cool, wait 'til you see the finished product... in person. The anticipation is killing me. 

And as you can see, the transformation of the grounds doesn't just happen overnight. A big THANK YOU to Brian Costigan at Creative Stone Landscaping Design and Installation for his amazing work on the property. 

I'm completely captivated by this fire pit he built in front of the mansion for y'all to enjoy while taking a little break from shopping. In fact, I may need to get one of these in my own backyard (cough, cough) Brian. 

The overgrown gardens also got a face lift from Creative Stone Landscaping, so y'all can actually walk through and experience the beauty for yourselves. Brian and his helpers have been working so hard this week but I stopped them to take a quick photo and I'm SO glad I did... look at that light!

Learn more about Brian and Creative Stone here. Can you believe that next time we meet, it'll be showtime?! Until then...


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