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Tips + Tricks for Pop-up Show Shopping

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The City Farmhouse Pop-Up Show is almost here (insert silent scream!). I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off, but that doesn’t mean you should be stressed on Oct. 17 & 18.  Come prepared and ready to take on the world…I mean show…

I took a few minutes to jot down some advice I’d want to know before heading to a pop-up show. Whether you’re a pickin’ pro or a first-timer, I think my list of tips + tricks will serve you well.

And whaddya know? The Williamson Herald not only shared details about this year’s show location, why we chose it and what to expect, but they also picked up our list of tips + tricks too! Read the full article here, then grab a pen and make note of my list below: 

Kim’s Tips + Tricks for Pop-up Show Shopping

1.     Whether you’re shopping at our Pop-up Show or visiting City Farmhouse on Bridge Street in Franklin, David and I suggest photographing spots you’re looking to fill.
2.     Bring a camera to photograph displays that are appealing or inspiring—they can be recreated easier from a photo.
3.     Be fair to yourself and the vendor when bargaining.
4.     Ask questions if you’re unsure of the age and condition of a piece. There’s nothing worse than discovering something is wrong with your purchase or that it’s not as old as you thought!
5.     Look for items that will make a big impact like vintage maps, old metal signs and/or large objects like gears that can be used as art. In decorating, I’ve found these types of items usually produce more bang for your buck!
6.     If you’re looking for a piece to fit in a particular spot, come prepared with dimensions and a tape measure. That way you don’t have to run home and do it in the middle of the show—pieces could be gone by the time you return. In my experience, the good stuff tends to sell pretty fast!

Learn more about our upcoming show including vendors and celebrity guests on our website: www.cityfarmhousefranklin.com/pop-up-barn-show.html

Here are a few pictures that Williamson Herald's Carole Robinson took of our store:

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  1. I love that window in your 2nd shot...oh how I wish I could be there! Di@cottage-wishes