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More McConnell House & Getting Married in Jail

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Since the McConnell House was the Williamson County Jail in its former life, I thought it appropriate to do a table scape  with an old jail theme. This was probably the most talked about design of the four tablescaps. I even made a boutonniere using 3 Camel cigarettes, a rose bud and an old skeleton key that looked like a jail key for Jason McConnell, the owner. David made a tiny banner that I attached to the bout. that said "Get Married in Jail". I can't believe we didn't take a photo of him wearing this. A professional photographer took lots of photos of all of the designs so maybe she got one. I'll post all of her better quality photos when they are ready.

In keeping with the jail theme I used some vintage window guards from our shop, City Farmhouse, that looked like fancy jail bars and designed flowers around them. For the centerpiece I made old bean cans out of rusty pipe and labeled them BEANS using a stamp set. Then real beans were strewn around. For the outer part of the table the bars were decorated with old tin cups and small tin lunch pails. All were filled with flowers and foliage of course. The best and most fun part of the table was the photo of a very ugly man, (look at the photos and you'll see what I mean), along with a bridal bouquet with two very cool jail keys attached and - I took letters from a scrabble game and spelled out - "Dear Maw I got married in jail". Everyone loved this. Hope you enjoy the photos. More will come. This was a big event and a very exciting open house for Jason. That building is amazing and architecturally stunning!



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  1. This is so cool! My dad has been a prison warden for more than 40 years and has amassed a lot of really interesting items and photos. I'll have to show him this!