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A Q&A With My Better Half {That's David Y'all}

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Ever wonder how I manage over here at City Farmhouse? I definitely don’t do it by myself.

David and I have only been apart for three nights in 22 years, and that’s the honest truth. I could never do what I do without him (he's usually twice as tired at the end of the day because he does all of the grunt work!). Everything we do is a team effort -- City Farmhouse wouldn't be City Farmhouse with just Kim….

With the City Farmhouse Pop-up Fair this weekend, I thought it time y’all got to know “my better half” a bit better. You'll be seeing a lot of him in a few days! I had one of my girls put together a little Q&A on David (when you see the italics, that’s me butting in).

Isn't he a hunk?

Where are you from?
Dyersburg, Tennessee. Most people probably don’t know this but Kim and I actually lived down the street from each other growing up… and never even knew it!

{I lived on one block and he lived on the next block over but we couldn’t cross the street because our parents wouldn’t let us! I’m sure if I had known about him, I woulda noticed him!} 

Oh yeah right, Kim.

Did you ever think you’d be a picker?
No, I went to school for computer programming! After college, I went to work for a pharmaceutical company in Memphis for 10 years. I liked my job and had a lot of freedom with what I did but was on call 24-7. I guess some things never change.

How did you and Kim meet?
Her cousin went to school with me and we were all out one night...

{Ok, hold on and let me answer that question -- we were out at a “Cheers” type bar in our hometown and David was sitting in a corner. I saw him and said to my cousin, “Oh my gosh who is that guy? He’s going to be my husband.” I seriously said that out loud! After that, the rest is history.}

We got married two years later in Gatlinburg, Tennessee... in hiking clothes! I even wore a white t-shirt. That’s my signature, everybody knows me for that.

How did you get into picking?
Kim opened a small store in Memphis and had that for about a year before moving it to a bigger space there, and that’s when I quit my job. It was scary -- my former job was great money and going from computers where I was comfortable and drawing a regular paycheck to pickin’ was like gambling everyday. You buy stuff hoping that’s what people like, and to be successful you have to develop an eye.

It wasn’t long before I realized pickin’ was something I loved to do. Before, I was caught behind a desk or inside a factory all the time and I’m just one of those that has to be out and about. I don’t think I could handle that computer job again.

What’s your involvement in City Farmhouse now?
Anything that nobody else wants to do! (I’m just kidding.)

{Yeah that is not true, David.}

Really though, I kinda do it all -- I’m the garbage man, in-house carpenter... anything that goes wrong they call me. But basically we both pick, we both do loading, I repair and rewire lights to make sure when somebody takes them home, they’re good.

{I call him “Mr. Fast Pants Loader”}

Yeah, when we’re on the road pickin’, Kim usually doesn’t even have time to take a picture of the pieces because I’ve got it loaded already. You can’t sell something sitting on a trailer.

What’s a day in the life of David Leggett look like?
First, coffee. Basically everyday is different but coffee is one thing that always starts my day off. And I always gotta have my white t-shirt on, my Levi 501’s and Timberland work boots. People get confused when I don’t have my white t-shirt on.

If you could give a piece of advice to a room full of people, what would you say?
Work all you want to but don’t forget to put your family first.

What are you most looking forward to at the June 2015 City Farmhouse Pop-up Fair?
It’s nice to see all of the dealers in one place. When you do what we do, those are your friends and we’ve got friends everywhere. We go to any state and we know someone there, so it’s fun when they all come in for the fairs. And they put a lot of faith in us to do a good fair -- that’s their livelihood so we make sure we go all out and do everything we can so they’re successful. This June fair is gonna be a good one.

Talk about a throwback! Isn't it fitting that David got married in his white t-shirt? We didn't care about dresses & tuxes... we just wanted to be married!

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  1. What a nice story! I love to see pure happiness in a couple. Love what you do! Hope to meet you someday! Lori