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Dos & Don’ts Of A Pop-up Fair

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We are officially two weeks away from the first City Farmhouse Pop-up Fair of 2015 (June 19-20)…TWO WEEKS. David and I are starting to feel the craziness of it all, but we’re so excited for y’all to see the amazing group of vendors we have this year!

To help you get ready for the weekend, we’ve asked local interior decorator and City Farmhouse customer Betsy Brittain to share with us her "dos and don’ts" of shopping during our two-day event.

This girl knows her stuff! See what she has to say.....

DO bring a shopping bag with a small tape measure, color swatches and a pencil and notepad. Along with the tape measure, bring a piece of paper with relevant sizes and dimensions of what you’re looking for written down. If you need a new side table, know how wide and how tall it needs to be.

The color swatches are important if you’re looking for an item to match to an existing pattern or color scheme in your home. You might have an idea of what you’re looking for, but when put next to the color swatch, it could look completely different.

I use a pencil and notepad to keep track of my items. Whether I’ve bought it and need to leave it at the booth while I continue to shop, or just need to walk around and think on it, I take a picture of the item on my phone and then write down the booth name and number and a description of the item.

You can also use the shopping bag to carry around smaller items you purchase at the show.

DON’T wear shoes that are difficult to walk around in or that will give you blisters, and wear clothes you’re comfortable bending over, kneeling down and lifting things in.

DO negotiate on the price. You can always ask, “Is this the firm offer?” Especially if you’re buying multiples, dealers will often give you a bulk deal. However, if you see a tag with ‘ND,’ it means ‘no deal’ and the price is usually final.

Dealers are also usually more willing to negotiate closer to the end of the show, but waiting to buy an item is a big risk, which leads me to…

DON’T hesitate. If you see something you love and know you just can’t live without it, buy it! Great finds and great deals at the show go quick so if you don’t buy something when you see it, I can almost guarantee you someone else will. Be prepared with a shopping list before you go into the show so you can make a firm decision right of the bat.

Also, I do not ask dealers to hold items—it can come across as rude.

DO bring multiple forms of payment—bring cash and your checkbook along with your credit cards. Dealers will sometimes give you a better deal on an item if you pay in cash as opposed to with a credit card.

DON’T roll up to the show in your two-door convertible, no matter how beautiful the weather is that weekend. Take a car you can fit things in if you plan to buy something.

However, if a bigger item can’t fit in your car, ask about delivery options. Don’t let the size of an object deter you from buying it—there’s always a way to get it to you! Local dealers will even sometimes offer to deliver it themselves after the show.

DO look at things with the eye that you can always repurpose it. A picture frame can be repainted and chairs can be reupholstered.

DON’T be afraid to ask dealers what items are and how they suggest using them. The City Farmhouse Pop-up Show is a great place to learn—look to see how the dealers style their booths and look for different ways to use everyday items.

DO have fun! Bring your friends and make a day out of it—they’ve got live music, food trucks, how-to demonstrations and more all weekend long!

What do you think -- some pretty good advice for shopping our show, don't you think?! To learn more about our #CityFarmhousePopup happening June 19th and 20th, go here!

A clever idea from the 2014 Pop-up that caught Betsy's eye: an old iron hoop repurposed as a sculpture

A creative way to set a holiday table from the 2014 Pop-up that caught Betsy's eye

An iron container filled with antlers, squash and winter gourds from the 2014 Pop-up that caught Betsy's eye

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