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Vintage Spring Decor in Your Modern Kitchen

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By Guest Blogger Bryn Huntpalmer

Spring is just around the corner and many of us are digging out our vases, excited to display fresh flowers on our counters and table. But there are tons of other Spring decor ideas to choose from that will make your space really stand out! 

Modern kitchens are popular for their functionality and design but they can seem a bit sterile.... especially in Spring. We’ve put together a few ideas to bring traditional and vintage inspired decor into your kitchen for Spring. 

1. Watering Can Vase

2. Kitschy Vintage Decor

Are you a sucker for those adorable knicknacks at thrift stores and antique malls? The kitchen is the perfect place to display some playful vintage decorations and these bright red colors are perfect for Spring!

3. Colorful Appliances

Kitchenaid mixers and blenders are well-known for their colorful pastels and vintage vibe so why not display your favorite appliance on your counters for everyone to admire. If you don’t already own one of these pricey mixers, look into getting a true vintage version from a flea market or even on ebay. Nothing says 1950s vintage like some pride in your blender!

4. Mason Jar Flowers

If you haven’t caught on to the mason jar trend yet then you are missing out. We love using mason jars in a variety of ways from serving punch to holding candles. We love how this tablescape using a dozen mason jar bouquets to create a seriously gorgeous centerpiece for Spring.

5. Vintage Tea Cups & A Carpenter’s Carryall

Vintage tea cups are such a fun thing to collect and often they are the perfect Spring-y addition to a kitchen because so many of them are decorated with intricate floral designs. We love this idea of using a carpenter’s carryall for wall storage that also doubles as a display piece for all of those sweet little tea cups. The other great thing about this idea is that you can switch out the tea cups for other useful items like espresso or cappuccino cups for Winter!

We love having guest bloggers! Thanks for the fun design ideas, Bryn. For more, head to Modernize.com.

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