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Big & Beautiful: Country Living Fair {Spring 2015}

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The Country Living Fair is underway in Lebanon, Tennessee, and as you can see.... everyone is here!! Even Country Living Magazine editor-in-chief Rachel Hardage Barrett and our friend, Mike Wolfe.

This is a great, big beautiful show where the pages of the CL magazine come to life -- you'll see lots of antiques, vintage, up-cycled crafts, art, handcrafted jewelry and more! With more than 200 vendors, it's a must-go event, especially if you're within driving distance.

The show continues through this weekend, opening Saturday at 8:30 a.m. and Sunday at 10 a.m. 
Check out some of my snapshots and picks so far (be sure to follow me on Instagram for more!):

My favorite pick so far!! This early lace cupboard is from a mercantile store. It's super rare -- and still has some old lace inside!

This Eskimo refrigerator is such a great size. Perfect for a side table too!

Lots of up-cycling ideas here!

These fairs are great inspiration sources, too. 

Yep, that's a duck barn.

These two took their newly picked duck barn to Bardstown, Kentucky!

Told ya everyone was here.....

For more fair info, go here. If you weren't planning on it before, I bet y'all wanna come now! If you do, look us up -- we're in Building A, Booth 20. Now, get to gettin' and happy pickin'!


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  1. I am so sad that I am missing this show!! I see so much that I would love to have. That's it! I'm scheduling events around the CL Fair next year! Wishing you a wonderfully successful show. Praying the weather steers clear of you all.