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Flowers, Fluff, and Furniture... oh and craziness - I Love Craziness!

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Week-ends are always outrageous at City Farmhouse! I love it that way. This past week-end was a blend of flowers, fluff and furniture. By that I mean ... I designed a flower arrangement for the McConnell House at 3 in the morning, then met with 2 appointments for flowers early the next morning (or technically later that same morning), then unloaded the trailer, then helped dealers unload, and then redesigned the shop. So while I take a much needed nap, check out the fabulous new pieces that arrived at City Farmhouse!! Love, Love, Love!!

What you see here (not in order): a vintage Depression chest of drawers. vintage French Settee (2), large vintage 1970s shell mirror, vintage 1800s Gothic sideboard, a really early fab bird cage, a very unusual vintage chain installation (chain is from a sugar mill and comes apart into pieces - reminds me of Lego's), an 1800s Old Paris Maine cottage chest, vintage chocolate soldier case (oh the memories), vintage library table, awesome vintage French side chair, vintage industrial lighting.


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  1. Everything is fabulous, but that chain installation is in-cre-di-ble!!!! I didn't follow the Mr. when he went to check it out, but I LOVE it!

  2. Pretty sure I need that stunning shell mirror! It almost looks like a piece of cake!