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I'm Speechless....

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Speechless - I'm sure, for those of you who really know me, that's a little unbelievable. It's not because I have nothing to say, nor is it for lack of excitement for all the great things that came in at City Farmhouse this past week-end. It is purely exhaustion! Over the past few days we have worked on a very special floral design for an event, been very busy with the kids, went on a pick, cleaned and staged the amazing things we found, cooked dinners, washed laundry, and DID NOT clean the house (we have our priorities). This is the most exciting pick in a very long time (Mike & Frank & the new Picker Sisters would be very jealous). You will be blown away. The last photo is a sneak peak at one of our favorite finds - an early 1800's beautifully carved architectural fragment that is 6' long and very thick. It is wonderful and a design dream!!! David is fabricating a wall mount that will showcase the piece in all its deserving glory. I'll take a group photo of all the new picks tomorrow. For now, a little online preview that will make you stay up all night dreaming of design possibilities.

What you're looking at here in order by my memory only: a pair of very cool industrial vents, a pair of very stylish end tables, a beautiful garden statuary, a very cool industrial mirror, a couple of very nice, and highly desirable chest of drawers,a nice French cupboard, and a pair of awesome French chairs, an artist signed mixed media beach painting, a pair of 1950's garden chairs, and a couple of photos of what we affectionately call the bone yard - our outside space filled with unique things that need a little cleaning, tender loving care, etc. - a dealers favorite pick (just ask Mike from American Pickers). He's found some great things in the bone yard.

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And now as promised ....... A sneak peak of this weeks pick. See you at the Farmhouse! 


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