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I'd Double-Tap That

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Do you ever hit those valleys where you feel drained of genius (David calls that madness)? I think if you’re a creative person, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you experience it now and again.

Lately I’ve been counting my lucky stars for a couple spark plugs that are always at my fingertips--I’m talkin’ about Instagram and Pinterest.

So, I thought it might be inspirational for you if I shared a little love for a handful of Instagram accounts that kick my imagination right back into gear. The site is full of amazing feeds  - but here’s a look at what I get excited to double tap:

1. Elizabeth's Humble House [@elizabeths_humble_house]
This gal sees life in a unique way. Her photos are almost like studies.

2. Liperom [@liperom]
I love EVERYTHING about this feed. You will too! I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise by telling you all about it - but here's a sneak peek of what you'll find. 

3. Pencil and Paper Co. [@pencilandpaperco]
These guys are a local Nashville husband and wife design team. Super cool and colorful style that satisfies my alter farmhouse style!

4. Faded Charm  [@fadedcharmliving]
The ultimate in vintage farmhouse style! You wanna go here for inspiration overload. Follow as she constantly decorates and restyles her home.

And of course, we hope you’ll follow along with us on Instagram too! We're planting a lot of seeds for spring, summer, fall... and even next winter’s harvest. Lots to show and share with you--wouldn't want you to miss out: http://www.instagram.com/cityfarmhouse (@cityfarmhouse).

Happy pickin'! xx

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  1. Fun inspiration! Fun fact: 'tap that' is a boy euphemism SP for 'having one's way with a girl' -- isn't it? ;-) Or have I just been hanging around with the wrong people? HA! By the way, I'm totally J/K, here. Sometimes I come across as too snarky, + I don't mean to!