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[The Fling] is Good for the Soul!

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Don't you just love old factories? Those large windows streaming natural sunlight across the room, sigh. I've always wanted to have a space in an old warehouse . A couple of weeks ago we were offered the opportunity to do just that! And, we jumped on it!

The space, located in the old Dortch Stove Works building, now called the Factory at Franklin, on Franklin Rd., is just a skip and a hop from Franklin's Main Street, and just around the corner from City Farmhouse. We're currently renovating the space to showcase all the beautiful and special finds that we will offer at The Fling--a monthly City Farmhouse pop-up SHOP. Beginning in April and every third week-end thereafter, City Farmhouse will open it's door to a monthly City Farmhouse Pop-up SHOP! 

We decided to call our pop-up SHOP The Fling, because who doesn't like to have a fling every now and again--it's good for the soul! Flings are for trying something new, a spree of fun and a time to enjoy yourself. We couldn't think of a better word to describe it!

And, because you know we are always about rewarding the early birds ... the festivities will begin on Thursday evenings with wine and hors d'oeuvres ... a little something to get you in to the spirit of something special about to happen. Then the shopping experience will continue from Friday through Sunday. Then we'll shut down to prepare to do it all over again the following month! Something fresh and fun, each and every time! Doesn't that sound like fun!?

Our first Pop-up Shop is scheduled for April 23-26. More photos will follow on the renovation, along with more exciting details. To make sure you don't miss out on all the announcements, sign up for our newsletter by clicking on the Newsletter link above. And, of course, always on Facebook and Instagram.

Here are some pictures of the space during the renovation. We can't wait to show you the new space!

NOTE: The City Farmhouse-Bridge Street location is NOT closing; it will remain open during normal business hours. This is a Special Monthly Event for CFH lovers, and a fun way to bring in new and exciting treasures for ya'll to enjoy. 


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  1. Always love your creations...your work is always fascinating....wish we lived closer...hope to be at one of your upcoming shows!