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City Farmhouse Vendor Profile: Caroline Galloway

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To get y'all even more excited about the show, we recently sat down with Caroline Galloway of The Vintage Sanctuary--one of our vendors for the City Farmhouse Pop-Up Show--to learn what inspires her and what she's looking forward to most about the show! Read on....

Q: Describe your style in three words!
A: Eclectic, ecclesiastical and European-chic (OK, four words!)
P.S. if anyone ever walked into the ABC Décor Store in New York City, they would think of my style!

Q: How did you get your start? How long have you been in the business?
A: As a child I was always attending auctions with my parents -- the bug bit early on! Now I've been in the business for some 20 years and I've always managed to find ways to search for those treasures and then find them a home, even though there were years when my young family needed more of my time.

Q: What can shoppers expect when they enter your booth? 
A: Our booth will be a collection of my personality but also filled with unique treasures from around the world... everything presented will have a story, a past and a time-worn feel. We hope shoppers will be intrigued with the unusual and different items The Vintage Sanctuary has become known for. Shoppers should expect to see deep colors, soft woods, religious items and furniture that have travelled from as far as England and France. Shoppers will be able to delight in the eclectic and varied treasures we plan on bringing to City Farmhouse. We are definitely not the "normal!"

Q: What is your favorite piece you're displaying at the show? 
A:  Oh my, there are so many... among the favorite pieces is one that I actually don't want to get rid of, but it is coming to City Farmhouse. It is a seven-foot tall hand-painted wall that features a Colonial couple and came from a theatre in Vermont that was torn down; it's definitely one-of-a-kind. I can't tell you how many people have asked me already to purchase it but I have told everyone that they have to come to City Farmhouse if they want it. I also have this amazing, very tall Gothic wood + plastic carved pedestal that came out of a church in France -- it's magnificent. Oh if I could only keep it all!

Q: What inspires you?
A: My kids inspire me! And as far as this business goes the old world architecture and detail of buildings, furniture and religious pieces always catch my eye. I find the detail of such pieces to be majestic and I am always attracted to them.

Q: Where do you find inspiration when creating your booth display?
A:  Inspiration comes from the pieces you love and I love every single thing that will be displayed in my booth. I am inspired by the craftsmanship and the uniqueness that becomes apparent when you combine different types of furniture and items to create an eclectic and interesting look. Essentially, that's what The Vintage Sanctuary is all about.

Q: What's a go-to piece people can purchase when re-styling their home?
A: You always want to start with a simple piece that can be the main focus of a room you are creating. From there you can add as many or as few accessories or other pieces as you want. But when you invest in that one piece you absolutely love, even if it costs a bit more, your room becomes one that you always want to visit. Everyone has a different style and a different taste but I have found if you purchase a classic piece that can live with all different styles, it's always a sure bet.

Q: What part of this year's show are you most excited about?
A: I am excited about all of it to be honest. I will just need to keep my checkbook locked up because you will probably find me purveying all of the booths early on. I am most excited about working with Kim and Dave, who I find to be remarkable.

Q: What's your best advice for those getting into the industry?
A: Do it if you are passionate about it. Do it because you love "the hunt" and you love the back-story. Do it because you have an instinct or a love for design and décor. People in this business have a true love for it and that's why we do it. And always, ALWAYS, search in places you least expect to find things -- those are often the best spots.

Q: How did you get to know Kim/City Farmhouse?
A: I read about the first City Farmhouse show and kept the information so I wouldn't forget about this year's. It definitely looked like a show I wanted to do so I called her and here we are! My kids are older + in school now so I am just now able to get back into picking and I simply love it. Kim was so inviting when we first met and I can't think of a better show to do this year than this one. And of course I had to buy something when I stopped in at City Farmhouse!

Q: What music do you listen to when unloading, or setting up your booth?
A: James Taylor... he's my go-to music all the time!

Q: The Folk & Folly exhibition is displaying fantasy installations of Southern Gothic literature themes. Do you have a favorite Southern author? 
A: Jesamyn Ward wrote a book titled Salvage the Bones. It follows a family after Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf coast and I was completely mesmerized by the story. After this disaster occurred, I walked the 9th Ward in New Orleans and it changed my life. Not long after, I helped co-found a charity called Music Rising, which aided musicians who had suffered from the damage Hurricane Katrina brought. I can relate to her book and I have found her writing to be emotional + pure.

The Vintage Sanctuary is a place where one can find timeworn treasures, religious items, vintage French furniture, rich textiles, up-cycled salvage and unique decorator items like: shabby painted pieces, farmhouse chic, and anything with an ecclesiastic history behind it. 

From the earliest memory, founder Caroline Galloway remembers being dragged to auctions and flea markets with her parents. She says, her knack for having “an eye” for unique treasures came at an early age.  Today The Vintage Sanctuary pays homage to the beauty of yesteryear by offering guests a piece of history through their selection of one-of-a-kind pieces from around the world. 

The Vintage Sanctuary is located in the historic village of Chagrin Falls, Ohio and offers guests their own “personal picking” experience upon request.  

We can't wait to see that Caroline is bringing to the show!!! Learn more about the show, and how to buy tickets, here.

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  1. I enjoyed this interview! I hope I have the opportunity to meet Caroline - Galloway is my maiden name!