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How Do I Buy From Pickers?

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Just picked: (L) Vintage Chippy Grey Concrete Urns &  (R)  "Picks" from pickers aren't usually displayed or styled. We often find amazing things just setting out in the pickers yard, such as this fabulous 10' Vintage Work Table. 

Newbies looking to get into the business, as well as retail shoppers often ask use the question - how do you find pickers to buy from? That's not a question with a definitive answer.

Vintage Hollywood French Chairs

First, one should know that "true, everyday, real life pickers" prefer to sell to dealers rather than the retail consumer. That's because dealers usually buy in quantity—"package it" as some in the biz call it. That means that the picker could potentially sell his/her entire load to one person. Dealers love to buy this way—they typically get better deals and a lot of merchandise in one load—as opposed to the retail shopper who usually only wants one or two things.

Vintage Flashing Sign from a Massage Parlor 

But, if you're a dealer new to the business, it usually takes a little time to establish a relationship with a picker who will call you when they get a load. How then do you begin such a relationship? Flea markets are a great way to meet pickers. These monthly markets give you the opportunity to do business with a picker repeatedly time after time. Once the dealer finds that you are a serious buyer, he/she may start calling you with "fresh picks." It just takes a little patience and a whole lot of buying!

Happy picking! xx

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