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Big Score in the Barn on New Year's Day

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Don't you just love diggin in an old barn? It's dusty and junky with a nostalgic feel. Yesterday was the perfect day. It wasn't too cold here in Tennessee. Today, it's frigid!!! Which means we won't be able to get anything cleaned up that we bought.

Our favorite is the picket fence; crusty white and made in an unusual 3 dimension form. Lots of it - perfect for a spring garden. 

I can't resist old boxes and old tool boxes. This tool box is cool because it is metal and wood. It would make a great craft box, artist, or storage box. Also a cool copper lantern, and a cubbie.

We got this great old slate chalkboard and an old sign, the rectangle wire milk crate, and an awesome piece of iron in old blue paint!

AND, lovin these minature fan blades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have about 60 of these. We plan to suspend them from the ceiling,

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  1. I LOVE that picket fence and your idea for the fan blades. Have a happy New Year and we will see you soon!
    xo~ Michelle
    ps. Hazel is mine. I really don't think my little man would let me part with her even if I wanted *wink*

  2. Nice pics shared. Wish you a very happy new year. Let all your hopes suceed this year. Do stay in touch and Keep posting. :)
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