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Did you guys know that I am a stripper?

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Not a painter. OMG, what were you thinking? I hate to paint but I love to strip furniture - not strip it to refinish it, but to strip off the mess someone else made and bring it back to the old surface. Today, I did just that to an old butcher block industrial table. I left the old gray/blue paint on the steel base but removed the ugly stain that had been applied to the top. I'll show you a photo of the finished piece tomorrow.

It was a beautiful day for stripping - not too hot - and not too cold. The sky was blue, the sun was shinning, and the butterflies were out by the hundreds. They must have enjoyed the water.

In case you were wondering were I have been.... For the last 2 weeks we have had a lot of sickness in the family, my daughter at the ER, my daughter starting college, a big event to plan, Not to mention, the shop has been very, very busy. We did a re-do this past week-end. Lots of new things came in and we totally did a re-design of the shop. You have to come see. Also, Delia, Stressed & Destressed (check her out on the blog roll) brought in an entire booth full of fresh merch. I'm totally in love with the chest on chest.

Also, some fab things came in from the ever popular, Vintage Junky. You don't want to miss out!

See you soon at City Farmhouse in beautiful Franklin, Tennessee!

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  1. Cue David Rose...she's taking it all off!
    Girl, I can't believe you strip au naturale...that stuff burns the hands....and feet!
    See you soon.

  2. you are hilarious! I don't mind stripping myself... I mean furniture *wink*

  3. Too Funny!! I didn't know you had that talent...:-o)

  4. you are so funny. Kim, it was fun to see this 'before' or maybe 'during' of the table...we are so thrilled to be using & loving it every day in our home!! see you again soon...